O.K.  We have all read The Secret, and if you haven’t, you should.  For those really shallow lot you have at least watched the video.  Yes, the universe acts; there is no doubt about that.  What is doubtful is how to get it right so the universe acts in the way you want it to.
I want to concentrate on the lust aspect of The Secret.  This has been devised entirely from experience and the teaching of various unscrupulous people.  I would also like to add that I wouldn’t be held responsible for you ballsing it up.  Work it right and it works; get it wrong – well at least you had fun trying.
Background to where this divine wisdom has stemmed from: 
Like most of you, I too in my youth, began to search spiritually for answers to the unknown questions like ‘can alchemists really turn lead into gold’ and ‘if I smoked enough weed could I see god?’  My search did not remain within the confines of the conventional but stretched out to do ‘hit and runs’ in the certifiable. 
Black Magic.  What is this?  (Other than the name of a chocolate box.) ‘Magic’ because no one really knows how the universe gives you what you want and ‘Black’ because you do it for purely selfish reasons.  I dabbled in the Black Arts (none of this namby pamby white witch business either).  Neither any psychotic biker type chicken sacrificing stuff either.  No, the more logical esoteric Black Arts. 
There was a man called Anton LeVey who invented new Satanism.  He not only invented it, he plagiarized it and created a new, totally false, identity for himself.  He claimed thoughts by Alistair Crowley as his own, wrote a couple of highly interesting and enlightening books and gathered together a large following of people, mostly fairly unstable characters.  From this enterprising man I learnt two very important things.  The first was: his teaching was atheism with fancy dress.  The second was ritual magic can get you what you want.  Now, if Anton LeVey had marketed himself in a better light he would have been earning the mega bucks that the book ‘The Secret’ brought.  But Bless, Anton was a little theatrical and liked dressing up in standard occult gear.
The first time I performed the ‘Ritual of Lust’ I felt a little silly.  All that incense, black candles and papyrus seemed a little excessive just to ensure a shag.  However, I made one fatal error, which was that once you had released the magic you should allow the universe to act and not dwell on ‘the need’.  The man I was hoping to bewitch, bewitched me instead.  I become obsessed to have the way with his body.  Eight long months of desiring and then …finally….the universe acted in it’s own ready time and gave me ‘a night.’
From that moment I became an atheist and not a Satanist, (I don’t look good in black anyway).  But I did understand that mystical energy gets shit done.  Years went by until …… now.
I have a ritual that just about get’s me a man I focus on.  This act is to be done sparingly as it takes serious application and dedication, but it appears to work and is simple (drum roll… pertinent pause): You need to dedicate your orgasm to him!  How you do it is up to you but at the point of orgasm choose your thoughts wisely, express what you want that energy to carry and to whom and then send it forth to do your bidding.

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