A lifetime of study and this is the conclusion I have reached: – when the moon is full you need to be alone and under house arrest.
People transform under the influence of the moon.  As women, our menstrual cycles adjust to begin around the full moon.  My theory is that it prevents us from going completely wild when the moon is absolute.  Apart from bloating, pain and tiredness we just don’t feel horny enough to want to ‘wail for our demon lover.’
However, with the onset of perimenopause, periods are unpredictable and dare ovulation occur during a full moon then havoc reigns. Those positive ions that charge the atmosphere create hyperactivity which lead to excesses of all kinds especially drink and we all know what can happen when we drink.
Are the dubious of you wondering if I’m yet again talking out of my arse?  Since I usually am I can concur with your skepticism.  However, I have proof.  Wolves bay at a full moon.  Fictional werewolves have transformed on the full moon.  The word Lunatic is derived from Lunar.   The tide goes in and out on the say of the moon.  Since we are made up of 70% salt water I would hazard a guess that our body is pulled to the magnetic forces of the earth and moon.  In other words I have found the ultimate excuse for bad behavior when the moon is at its full-blown.
In some Middle Eastern countries judges are more lenient when crimes are committed under the full moon, thus best to restrict yourself to those places when breaking the law.
When there is something more pronounced than just a full moon i.e. an eclipse of one then you are looking at major stuff happening.  The last full moon eclipse had four couples I know break up.  Several others have made dramatic changes in their lives and one other shagged in a toilet.
Thus, depending on what you wish out of life.  The full moon can either help pivot you to be someone you naturally haven’t dared to be or you need to keep yourself under lock and key.  I no longer allow myself to roam unchecked when there is a full moon about.  I either stay at home and watch reruns of bad TV programmes or take armed escort when out.   

I suggest you do likewise.

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