OK you’ve connected.  In this respect it doesn’t make the waiting any easier.  If you’ve just exchanged numbers it’s that difficult decision as to whether to be the first one to make the call.  It’s a modern world woman, make that call!  Pride concerning you?  I’d say waiting is a far greater worry.  DO NOT THINK too much.  Thinking prevents action.  Make that call!  Make that date!
You’ve only given him your number and not asked for his.  Are you nuts?  OK, I’m guilty of this too but then I’m so shallow I know if he doesn’t call then he must be gay.  Since you are reading this you are some ways from being a Goddess, in which case you need to not take these highly risky actions.  Always get his number too so you can make the call that you’ll probably angst over making for way too long.  Men also don’t like to be kept waiting.
OK so you’ve had the date and you’ve slept with him and he hasn’t asked for your number.  How in the ‘hello, my name is…. to the blowjob’ did you avoid giving him your number? Always get that  ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it after sex.   It is excruciatingly embarrassing to ask and give your phone number after having been naked with someone.
And what if he doesn’t call?  Here you make your own rules.  I have what I call the 12 hour rule.  If he doesn’t call or text or make any form of contact within the 12 hours then he’s history.  He does not get another night with me (not that anyone does anyway but it means he doesn’t get the faint possibility of that).  Your rule can be 24 hours or 48 but frankly if the man doesn’t make contact early on he’s not worth having, so stop waiting.  Waiting makes you needy, it makes you desperate.  It is the sole reason why chocolate sales are so high.
While you wait you run the risk of two very disquieting things : weight gain and falling in love.  Why falling in love?  While you wait you will go over and over  every minute detail of the meeting, the words, the subsequent screwing (or not) and you will glorify it in your desperate mind into something it is not, thus putting you in danger of falling in love with the perfect image you have created.
In short, waiting is dangerous.  Occupy yourself with distractions, find something else to do, don’t make him your hobby and don’t make waiting your life’s work.

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