A word of warning :  Never ever marry, seriously date or fall in love with the below mentioned :
A doctor
A lawyer
A man with a moustache
A doctor because when things turn sour (and they will) he has the ability to fuck you in ways you cannot imagine.  Remember he has medical knowledge and access to drugs.  Don’t think for one moment he is not capable of evil.  Remember this:  to get through med school he needed drive and ambition.  That same drive and ambition can be utilized to dispose of you.
A lawyer because when things turn sour (and they will, trust me) he has the ability to fuck you in ways you cannot imagine.  He gets the house, the car, the kids, the jewelry, the books, the paintings, the …….
Let us not forget that the fact he choose such a shady and ‘getting out of loophole’ type profession should be warning enough that this is a man who twists rules and plays dirty.
Plus you need a lawyer to fight a lawyer and let’s face it your paid lawyer is never going to invest as much time and energy into getting what you want as your soon to be ex will be in making sure he gets everything he wants.
the slipped Hitler moustache

A man with a moustache.  Apart from the obvious fashion faux pas of being with someone who sports one and this includes the new fangled ones i.e. the slipped Hitler (Hitler style facial pad now sitting below the lower lip, hilariously called a ‘soul pad’).  The slipped Hitler is actually some kind of fashion statement and not meant to actually be ‘what the fuck is that’ or ‘you missed a bit when shaving’.  Moustache avoidance also includes such facial protrudences as ‘goatees’ and dare I think someone actually still has sideburns?
Only designer stubble is allowed and frankly is often very  sexy.
Now apart from the fashion disaster that prompts someone to allow a growth on this upper lip (very possibly something to do with not having enough hair on his head.  For some reason men think that if they go bald a beard and/or moustache is a way forward).  The honest truth is that men with moustaches are total psychopaths.  You need more clarification?  Let’s look at history:
Adolf Hitler – evil
Himmler – evil
Josef Stalin – evil
Lord Kitchener – evil
Josef Frtizl – evil
Robert Mugabe – evil
Francisco Franco – evil
General Pinochet – evil
John Bolton – not evil but a cunt.
Saddam Hussein – mostly stupid (why oh why didn’t he get out of town when he was given the chance?)
Need I name more?  Sadly it isn’t enough to have him shave it off.  These men can sport internal moustaches and remain untouchables to a Shallow Sister and any woman with any sense.
Is there an exception to the moustache rule?  Only One: Johnny Depp

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