Most people have them.  Someone you look up to.  Someone you wish to aspire to.  Since we aim to be shallow our role models are not political activists, campaigners for animal rights or philosophers.  They are survivors, predators, awesome individuals.
Mine are first and foremost:
1.              Myself.  Indeed I have become my own role model.  However there are deputies that I do focus on when I am out of focus.  But the main idea is to get to the stage where you are your own god.
2.              The Phoenix.  What an awesome creature that is.  Admittedly a fictional one but still it does capsulate who I am.  A bright and beautiful bird who, when in danger consumes herself in fire and then resurrects herself from the ashes to become brighter and more beautiful than before.  I have, over many incidences gone the Phoenix bird way.
3.              The Honey Badger.  The most fearless creature in the wild.  Even the big cats shy clear of this animal.  I model myself on it.  I have created a verb called ‘Honey Badgering.’  When I want something I Honey Badger my way to get it.  Indeed I have Honey Badgered men.  When I am subjected to distain (amazingly that does happen given my hedonistic lifestyle) I do ‘a honey badger’ (I don’t give a shit).  The Honey Badger particularly likes to kill and eat cobras.  During its meal it ingests poison.  Does that kill the Honey Badger?  Obviously not since the species would be wiped out otherwise.  No, for a while the Honey Badger rolls over into a coma.  Then emerges once the poison has passed through its body and finishes off its prey.  Sometimes in an attack or a situation where I need to regroup I lay still like the Honey Badger but with the power of the knowledge that my time will come to finish my meal.  I remain in awe of that animal.
There are women in history I admire and will cover them separately but they are not my role models. 

Who you wish to call upon in times of need is up to you.  I know the Phoenix and the Honey Badger have held me in good stead.  They embody all that is invincible.  All that is what and who I have become.

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