Families are best avoided over Christmas.
            Christmas is for children.
            Church and all godlike things should not feature.
            Christmas is about fun, sharing and having a sense of community.
            Since I do double standards Christmas works very well for me. I play Christmas songs. Anything from Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ to ‘Away in a Manger’. I have a star that crowns by Christmas tree and am not adverse to a few angels hanging from a rafter. That does not mean I have sold my atheist soul to the ….hmmm whatever. It means I like visual and auditory bling!
            The above four statements I manage well. I avoid Family Christmases by not living in the same country as my family.
            My children get presents and are allowed to participate in the party I usually throw if they want to. Or they can go out and spend their Christmas money (the joy of being in a country that does not close down for Christmas).
            I adhere mostly to the pagan take on Christmas but do not feel inclined to worship a tree, person or symbol. It is just another excuse to do excess.
            I throw a party for the Christmas orphans. I do the flaming Christmas pudding, the grand spread and will pull crackers if someone flies over with them. When I’ve drunk enough I give the Queen’s speech in her absence and anyone who does not get up and sing ‘Rockin’ Robin’ and the ‘12 days of Christmas’ is subjected to charades later on.
            Christmas is mostly about being silly. And lights. Love the lights. Oh and brandy. 

Merry Christmas.

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