Turkey has to come clean. The ruling party are dirty. And now there is a desperate attempt to get the cleaners in but …. is it too late? Here’s the story.
On the 17th of December police arrested the sons of 3 cabinet ministers, a businessman and Halk Banks’ GM accusing them all of corruption.
Photos and evidence were given to the media who have discarded their usual penguin suits of silence and spoken.
4.5 million dollars was found in shoeboxes in Halk Banks’ GM’s basement at home.
The fathers of the accused cabinet ministers’ sons claim their children are innocent. Ed, the Prime Minister claims there is no corruption and there is a conspiracy to destabilise Turkey’s growing economy planned by intelligence agencies, finance cartels and….yes of course…. By the Jews. (Whom do Jews accuse when things go wrong for them?).
The reason there is money lying around in shoeboxes and vaults is that cabinet ministers’ children are dealing with Iran. What trade does Turkey do with Iran? Iran sells Turkey petrol and natural gas. Due to restrictions imposed by other governments, Turkey cannot pay directly with money. The businessman involved in the corruption takes the money and buys gold and transfers it to Dubai and from there the gold goes to Iran. However, there is a profit involved in this dollar to gold transfer. Hence shitload of money in shoeboxes? However I already see holes in this i.e. if the bank profits, shouldn’t the money be in the bank vault and not in shoeboxes?
Ed’s response to this was to sack the police investigating these corruption claims; change the by-laws so that the police have to inform their police commissioner of what they are planning on doing, even if the said police commissioner is implicated in the corruption!
The press had to don penguin suits again when they were removed and forbidden to re-enter or remain in police departments.
The GM of Halk Bank claims the money in his house was a donation for the building of a school and a university in Macedonia. Again, why is it in shoeboxes?
On Christmas day 3 cabinet ministers resigned and Ed did some quick reshuffling. One minister Bayraktar (a previously very strong allay of Ed) spoke to the media stating Ed forced him from office and that Ed approved all plans related to accusations of corruption. He also said that Ed should resign too.
But that’s not all… the corruption is not just about some gold and Iran and shoeboxes. It’s about malls and highways and luxury homes and construction in previously designated no concrete areas.
Coastal areas of natural beauty were ignored and permission was given to build hotels and holiday villages. The Courts were still ruling on this but it didn’t stop the bulldozers starting their work.
The road being built through the forestry of a University in Ankara (where malls will also be constructed) went ahead, ahead of legalities.
So too luxury homes for the cabinet on Istanbul’s waterfront.
So too the Gezi park project where people were injured and died trying to uphold the law, which had not finished with its deliberations as to whether it should give permission to build luxury housing and a mall and a mosque and a museum (or whatever Ed changed it to in many speeches).
On the 26th of December the Public Prosecutor announced he had tried to begin another operation relating to the above and to issue further warrants of arrest – one for Ed’s son. However, the police ignored the warrants to arrest and those implicated have been warned. I imagine they are now busy hiding and destroying evidence that could further implicate them in the corruption scandal.
Ed’s son is currently at his father’s Asian side residence shitting himself. A SWAT team is watching over himself. He should know that the people of Turkey are also watching him.  We are in numbers of millions and a lot bigger than a SWAT team.
Take note Ed.

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