What did I tell you?
Never trust a man with a moustache!
Remember to check his zodiac sign.
The man I’m discussing here is Tayyip Erdogan. Alleged dictator of Turkey. I say alleged because he was elected to the post (albeit some say not quite the amount that went into the ballot boxes came out of the ballot boxes) – again allegedly.
Tayyip was born under Pisces: the lying sign of the zodiac. Also the great white shark of the zodiac. Most Pisceans are self-loving, self-obsessed and their self-interests are caught too early for them to rise to such great heights, so therefore they are not your standard dictator sun sign, but I bet his rising sign is.
But he definitely has a chip on his shoulder being born the son of a doorman. Now a doorman in a New York apartment building is quite prestigious but a doorman in the Kasimpasa neighbour of Istanbul is about as low as you can get. The area is considered the place you don’t want to go to when darkness falls. Only those born within its boundaries are safe. Every drug dealer, gangland boss and second- hand car salesman inhabits its streets. Ed’s dad lived there, taking care of a building there; shovelling coal into the furnace in winter, collecting rubbish from the houses and washing the central staircase. He was also a highly religious man who beat the shit out of his family including his son, now the Prime Minister of Turkey.
It is not a small wonder a monster has risen wishing to eradicate his humble roots. . Born Pisces, sporting a moustache and coming from the loins of a religious violent father. And Ed is a chip off the old block too as he beats the shit out of his children in Turkey using teargas, water cannons, brutal police, rubber bullets – with whatever is available vaguely under some law protecting the lives of citizens. These citizens have once again risen; this time because of corruption charges that have been lobbed (and thrown back) at some of the cabinet. Ed has broken laws and changed laws to protect his crumbling podium citing conspiracy theories and sprouting what he does best – lies.
In response, Friday saw the people take to the streets again after the summer protests which began over Gezi Park, that frankly did not have the satisfactory conclusion we hoped for – his resignation. Will we get it now? Many say not. This man is the Rottweiler of the political scene and he has clamped his jaws over the seat of power and is not letting go. We need someone to break his breast bone – Where’s his dad?

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