Some say jealousy is a measure of love. The more jealous you are the more you love the person you are with.
What possesses you to think that jealousy in any form is a good idea?
It is the most defeating, inhibiting, destructive emotion we could feel.
Choose not to feel it.
Is that possible? 
To choose not to feel something? 
Take the analogy of a dog that senses fear.  Is it fear it senses?  No, it smells adrenalin.  It is your reaction, your movement that depicts how it is interpreted.  If you back off, you are ready to run for your life and the dog can attack if it wishes to.  If you move forward the dog is most likely to bark but not attack. 
Hence with jealousy. What you are feeling is actually adrenalin that you are transmuting into jealousy because often the alternative is fear and no one likes to feel afraid. Fear without a twin is good. It allows you to protect yourself, understand your wants, distance yourself or rise up to the challenge. Jealousy on the other hand only eats at you and not only destroys you but it takes prisoners.
To set jealousy free you must work at it. You must release your ungrounded fears, not feed its insecurities. For jealousy is that: insecurity and distrust. You distrust your lover’s love for you. You are insecure of your attraction. You fear your lover will leave you. In the end he will. No monogamous relationship can live in a threesome: you him and the green-eyed monster.
If you have read thus far you are possibly wondering how you can reverse, stop, change this negative emotion. You need to remember it is only emotion and one that will destroy you. Envy, Fear, Anger, Hate won’t. They can spur you on to change something. To achieve something but jealousy is a canker.
Understand this: don’t rationalize jealousy. It is insane. Remove it from your thoughts before it detonates your relationship and consumes you in your private hell.

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