I too am amazed this should be under the dating umbrella, but it transpires cyber sex is often the way to date. It does have its upside, as in you don’t actually leave home and there’s no chance of an STD. However, it’s a cheap date and I’d wonder about a contact that begins that way and then becomes a real relationship. But I’m not going to drone on whether this is the best platform to meet your soul mate. But, I do know a case of a woman marrying the heavy breather at the end of a series of telephone calls. Not sure I’d have gone on to find out if someone jerking off to the sound of my ‘hello’. ‘Anyone there?’ and ‘Stop calling me, pervert!’ could become a life partner.
If you are thinking of testing out the world of cyber sex let me give you a few pointers gleaned from friends who have gone where no sane woman goes.
Ask a girlfriend, at the end of a computer camera to check first which angle best compliments your body. Have her check out lighting too.
Try to acquire a promissory note signed and notarised that the man at the other end of the camera isn’t going to film/take pictures of you masturbating to his command. It’s a scary world of no privacy controls out there. Just go on to the Internet; you could find someone you know who was secretly filmed.
Try to keep your face off the camera just in case.
Try to keep your clothes on.
Get him to jerk off in front of you so that you can do a recce of his dick before deciding if he’s worth leaving the house for.
Have cyber sex as an addition to your already loving/hot/exciting relationship rather than taking ‘internet uploading’ risks with strangers.

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