A Shallow Sister’s friends are required, above all not to judge, just to accept.
An ideal friend is the one who will look into the bag you have placed upon her kitchen table to see the decapitated head of your husband in it and respond, “I’ll get the shovel”.
Let’s face it girls life doesn’t always come with sat navs. We get lost. We take a wrong turn. Have to chuck a U-ey. Run a red-light. Go up a dead end. Hesitate at cross roads. Can’t get off the round-a-bout. So we don’t need some back seat driver telling us what went wrong; why we should have used her GPS system, and reprimaning us for considering the more interesting, but pitted road. We don’t need a moral expert who fucks up just as much as we do. We need someone to stand with us, at worst do a face palm and at best pour the wine and nudge us over the catastrophe to giggle well into the night.
Why keep a friend who is going to make you feel bad about a wrong decision? Most of us self-flagellate quite adequately.
Why be with someone who regards his or her moral coding as right for you too?
Do not judge. Sure a friend can give you an opinion; but when you reject it electing your (very probable) unsound choice that friend should support your demented selection and be ready to catch you when you go into a tailspin.
That same friend should ensure she has enough wine to keep you in insobriety until you emerge from the crater to seek another amusement.
And that my friend is how all friends should be to each other.

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