A caption from a well-known mobile server took on another  meaning


The Gezi Protests brought out the best and the worst in people. Protesters who helped, aided and encouraged, found in themselves a person they liked. Their bond was a love for each other, for their plight to save the little patch of green. Their kindness even extended to those who wished them harm. Born were the flower power people.

It was a case of the good, the bad and the ugly. The good were these Gezi Chalpulers, the bad were the forces out to harm them, the ugly was the situation. It was ugly but at times the protesters searched within themselves for humour to support their bravery and sometimes the cowards were brave enough to reach out and love.

Protestors were called Marginal groups with evil in their hearts.  Neighbours grouping together to protest behind walls and hoping they wouldn’t have to make a dash for it because they’d have trouble doing so.
Another marginal?

Fenerbache, Galatasaray, Besiktas

The three main football teams joined together for the good fight. For the first time in their history they walked together, worked together and swapped football shirts.

Peace, love, music and a good book was so much a part of this revolution.

To the left were what rebels are in many parts of the world and to the right were the bookworm Turkish rebels
One man’s unarmed bravery
Protestors responded with slingshots against the armoured police and their rubber bullets.

One lady got so angry she went out to fight the big fight.

One of the most uplifting moments of this time was when the government told Mothers to protect their children from the dangers’. Thousands of mothers travelled to Taksim and formed a human chain around the park and people saying. ‘Yes, we are here to protect our children.’

Other protestors played music as Taksim went up in smoke.

Others found another way to express themselves.
Some got so good at avoiding the gas and water they were dubbed Professional Chapulers.
Those who did not have the dexterity to keep themselves safe banged on saucepans to show their support for the protestors. It was hard work and genius was born.
One evening the protestors got hold of an earth moving machine and chased the Toma (water cannon tank) back down to Mordor (dolmabache where they were stationed).
“Hey Come. I only want to talk.”

A Toma was captured and went on sale on ebay.

Carsi (the Besiktas football supporters) are selling a second hand Toma

And all the time the people knew they were being watched, but still the need to speak out was tantamount. The people could no longer stomach their diet of fear.

People spoke out through every means
And numbers just grew as people came to stand united’.

Chaulpers sports: Takwondo. Swimming and Relay Race.
Aggression was almost always met with love

As Protestors were teargassed they responded by hurtling chilli peppers back at the police.

And when it got really bad it was time to call in reinforcements and show them our meanest ally.

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