Experts in their field tell us that the abused often becomes an abuser: boys beaten by their fathers become violent towards their own children and/or wives. Sexually abused children can sometimes find themselves abusing other children. Logically you have to imagine (and you would not be wrong to assume) that those who have suffered at the hands of others would not inflict damage on innocents.  But suffering does not equate to compassion.
No other race in the world has suffered more (thus far) than the Jews. We all accept that. We all think the prejudice and subsequent genocide that followed was evil. We have no argument otherwise. However, what we are seeing today are the very same persecuted people attack the underdog in what appears to be acts of genocide. Have these people fallen foul of the above psychological ‘never ending story’? Have what has been done to them turned them hard and callous, wishing to live out again their horror on others? Or, do they believe they are now untouchable, having the support of our guilt for what they suffered?
Our world that once allowed Jews to be culled hangs its head in shame for not preventing the unprecedented horror we learned of in detail when the Allied forces discovered the mass graves. We are shamed by our late responses.
Does this world now look the other way when another people are being systematically exterminated at their roots? The children: the saplings of a race; the youngsters who should grow up to fight for their nation; children who should develop to procreate are being stopped from reaching their potential. Has Israel taken a leaf out of the Old Testament? Are we seeing a King Harold rising with a proclamation demanding the lives of all male children under a certain age?
With no young generation a weaker nation does not have the fight to take up arms because there are none to do so? How perfect it is to take the children. Without them there is no future and the loss of them cripples a people with grief. There is no time to make love when there is war raging and thus babies will not be born and a race could lose all for the want of children that won’t grow up to become men and women.
Or is it about the natural gas that exists in Gaza? Resources that could give Gaza riches. Riches that could enable Palestine to rise, build a healthy infrastructure. Educate and stabilise. Perhaps Israel is fearful of ‘a never-ending story’ where a wealthy Palestine could purchase weapons and take back the occupied territories and seek retribution?
If that is the case then Israel has much to fear. But their fear does not and will never justify genocide. 

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