Disappointment can run high when you are a Shallow Sister. There is no telling what turns up between the sheets if we don’t do some kind of recce.
Main areas of disappointment are:
1.     Penis size.
2.     Reciprocal oral sex.
Naturally there remain more but these are deal-breakers. Leading questions can help determine answers to the above. But nothing is a dead cert given the known fact that men lie.
1. Penis size.
I bring this matter up during dinner. My disappointment has been so great since I discovered the micropenis exists that I am now compelled to ask outright: “How big is your penis?” This does not guarantee any definite idea given the owner of the micropenis lied saying he was ‘average’. Or perhaps he did not watch much porn to learn what constitutes average. He may also not have glanced at other men taking a slash in the gents.
What about doing a physical recce? I find this quite difficult to do since once I’ve felt a man up I am left with some explaining if I turn sex down.  But needs must and the rule on this is to remember that if he’s wearing jeans then you will neverhave a clear idea of size. Jeans are the crotch equivalent of the wonder bra. They bunch up the apparatus and what you could be feeling are giant balls instead. 
Recently I found a new question that I am sure will be trick-proof, lie proof and will give me a very clear idea of what to expect (leave or stay). This is it:
“Which hand do you use when you masturbate?”
If he says either the right or left you can assume his penis is average or close on. (Dare you then ask the question: “Do you only use your finger tips to masturbate? Thus covering the possibility of a micropenis).
Should he respond that he uses both hands then prepare to get excited, but ask one more question: “Do you mean that sometimes you use your right hand and sometimes you use your left hand?” If the answer is ‘yes’ then you are back to understanding he is average or near the mean. But should he says he uses both hands at the same time then you might want to finish dinner quickly and find somewhere private.
2. Oral Sex.
If over dinner he tells you he doesn’t like fish then assume he won’t go down on you. If he mentions he doesn’t like the texture of oysters then assume he won’t run his tongue up and down your slit.
Mentioning how much you enjoy receiving oral sex is no indication that he will muff dive. Even one who tells you how much he will lick you is no indication that he will. The only way to know is to ask directly with an instruction: “Do you like giving oral sex because I expect receiving it?”
By behaving unabashed you can massively cushion yourself from disappointment.

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