I’m not one for conspiracy theories. I’m not one to fear nutters. I’m not one to stir. But it’s time to take a look at ISIS.
I believe many are won over to ‘the dark side’ by the romance of war, promises of paradise in the afterlife and a cause. People love causes. Throughout history other countries people have fought in other country’s causes. Che Guevara, an Argentinean took up arms to assist Cuba. Lord Byron (a poet for god sake) went to war with the Greeks against The Turks. Just two famous outsiders joining someone else’s cause; now imagine how many other people from differing backgrounds and countries took up arms with those two big names. But what is surprising about ISIS is that there are so many nutters from educated countries who don’t think it cruel to kill unarmed women and children.
War is often a game of role-play. Sides wear costumes that are aggressive. If you can hear and see their thunder then that’s half the battle. The Ottoman fighters were instructed to grow large moustaches to appear mean and fearful. They invented military music so the beating of their approaching drums accompanied the knocking of their enemy’s knees. Thus all this black stuff that ISIS wears may be for intimidating purposes, but I wonder if it’s also to hide who they are. Why do they cover their faces? Why do so many speak English? Is it because they are not who they appear to represent? Are they mercenaries brought in to do a job? If that is the case, then who is paying them and why?
Why is the great coalition of nations unable to stop them? When America went to war in Iraq they bombed the shit out of it; so we know they have the manpower and expertise. Why then are the American bombing raids so ineffective against, what we are told is a small, untrained tribe of loonies? How is it that the well-equipped and trained Iraqi army are unable to push this group back? Why do they run when the black nutters approach? These are men who took on the Americans and now, with the Americans behind them why are they afraid? Granted a small front gathered and nudged ISIS a little from their Baghdad aim for a couple of months but now they are back. Car bombs igniting in the capital and ISIS are only 35kilometers from their aim of taking Baghdad. When they do, and it does seem they will, they will have control over a country, which might leave the little quasi-independent state of Erbil concerned. Right now Erbil is a Kurdish fortress housing salubrious guests – world journalists and the UN.
ISIS is also at Turkey’s border. What’s to stop them crossing over? They have claimed Istanbul is the home of the Caliph (the appointed descendent of Mohammad) and wish to reinstate his rule there. I live in Istanbul. I’m not sure what Ed (the President) will make of this. He might pull out his forces to react in muscle or if they offer him the position of Caliph then he might allow the breaching of our land walls.
What I do know is that something isn’t kosher (yes, it’s an intended pun). It just doesn’t wash that a tribe of bandits can unleash so much power and military acumen; enough to dodge the American war plans and take so much territory.  
I wonder if there is a bigger game being played? A world balance of power being tipped? And who is behind it really? I don’t believe it’s some knife wielding, crucifying, English speaking, black wearing, Koran bashing people. Someone is behind them who knows the power of subterfuge and a good advertising campaign.
Iraq has the fifth largest oil reserves in the world. The wells in the north are controlled by the Kurds, the reserves in the west to the Shia Muslims. ISIS are Sunni Muslims hell-bent on eradicating the Shia Muslims and Kurds. They want oil. The sooner we get into solar energy the better. 

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