Do you know your marriage is likened to an STD?
This phrase ‘The Seven Year Itch’ originated as a name for contagious skin complaints that last …well around seven years. For example herpes outbreaks are known to decrease in frequency after seven years. Or scabies that cause severe itching and is a bastard to be rid of.
The phrase was made famous by the 1955 film adaption of the play starring Marilyn Monroe as the Siren. Hard to imagine any man would find MM resistible. But temptation doesn’t always come as sensual as her and thus no one is safe from the Seven Year Itch.
Is it coincidental? Sadly not. Statistics prove the following: Couples are unlikely to seek divorce during the first few months of the honeymoon period and after that divorce rates increase. By year four the marriage has a rash and one or both partners start to scratch. Medication can hold the breakout back for a time but it flares up and by year seven the irritation has blistered and streptococcus has hold. Anti-biotics are barely enough to cure the STD (Sure To Divorce). Divorce rates are highest then. If you do get through the seven-year itch it’s really only a matter of time before a herpes flare hits and you are heading to lawyers. But if you are a sticker (a bit like some STDs) then you can expect a marriage that doesn’t quite live up to the advertised trailer.
There is also a theory that suggests our bodies and minds develop and change every seven years. An Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner came up with this one. He holds the belief that our human development is based on seven-year cycles. He uses the astrological planets to explain this. I zoned out soon after page two so I’m not exactly sure how the science of this works; but, according to his theories we change physically and mentally every seven years; hence a link to the seven-year itch. It seems understandable that growth and goals may create a rift between a couple.
But then…. You might well have married your soul mate in which case you carry anti-bodies. You are immune to the STD and can have a happily ever after. Statistics on how many couples find their perfect match are sketchy. Why? Because marriage longevity does not equate to happiness. Few admit their marriages were prisons. Even fewer will say they would have left if they could have. For many they have romanticised the past, which is just as well if you choose to fight off the itch.

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