We all know what Trump is, or maybe only the sane do? So let’s look at another aspect of The President of the United States of America (how the keys on my keyboard stuck when typing that out).

Trump, unusually is a Gemini; I say unusual because Geminians are not known for elevating themselves to such positions of power. Why? Because Geminians have so many skeletons in so many closets; they are, after all, two people embodied into one. Let’s look briefly at 2 past Geminian presidents: J.F.K (he needed a wardrobe). G.W.H Bush (tried to run into the his own closet). The main problem with the twins is that they don’t speak to each other so they don’t know what each one has said or done – hence Trump’s continual contradictions and the swinging back and forth. Finally one twin takes hold (usually the saner one) and dampens down the other to find a compromise. Geminians are also chatty, hence his inability to keep his trap shut when needed. Trump, also does not have a large vocabulary, which makes what he says all the more tedious (and stupid).

According to sources (as apparently he has not released his birth certificate) he has Sagittarius in his Moon. Sag and Gem are on opposites of the chart, which means …. drum roll….. lunar eclipse. Yes Trump’s lunar madness is confirmed. What does it all mean? The Moon holds the emotions and when hidden from the solar light (in an eclipse) they intensify. All it needs is a confrontation and insanity pours out.

His rising sign is Taurus: the ‘I’m always right’, control freak of the star world.

Are you wondering where Leo is? The big-head of the horoscope is there, right next to Mars. Mars is the war-mongering planet. Put it with Aries and you get a warrior not afraid to head a battle and die for it. But Leo is all ego. Put that with Mars and you have a finger poised above the nuclear button. Don’t want to scare you guys but we have a nutter at the head of the free world. Leo placed correctly (as in the case of Obama) projects the best traits: an innovator of admirable works. But when Leo goes bad – it’s not good.

Now let’s look at the other shit aligned with Trump – Uranus. Had to be really since he’s so full of himself. Uranus is a pain in so many ways. Uranians don’t follow anyone’s lead but their own. So with the hot air of Leo and the movement of Uranus, who knows what’s coming out!

The dark side steers this rocket and with no earth signs to ground him he is an electrical storm looking for an earth, which he will never find.

So to conclude: Trump is a Gemini (schizophrenic) born during a Lunar eclipse (the dark side), Moon in Sagittarius (intensified uncouth and blunt), Taurus rising (dictator tendencies), Leo in Mars (Egomaniac – let’s go to war), planet Uranus (arsehole), no earth signs (spinning in space).

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