The man has a big dick. You are doing the happy dance. Before you get to the pas de deux: stop. Think. Understand. The man with an above average penis is more likely to cheat! Why?

Here’s why.

From an early age he knows he’s blessed. He’s heard it in the playground. He’s seen it in the urinals. He’s read it in magazines. He’s watched it on the Internet. He knows that his lovemaking skills may disappoint but his penis won’t. He soon realises that with some learned skills a woman will sigh after sex and say, ‘That’s the best fuck I’ve ever had’.

He doesn’t have to contend with any fears he has when naked. If he’s overweight, too thin, too short – it won’t matter. Soon all insecurities are dwarfed by the size of his cock. It gives him a confidence that is just there. He’s born with it.

Like most of us he wants to be liked, nay loved. He wants to feel the power when he’s pleased his partner. He gets high on the high marks he receives in the sack. Again and again he wants to prove his worth to women. Not only to make his partner satisfied, but to elevate himself. We all want praise for a job well done and a man with a big dick and some skills will get that, time and time again.

If he is accomplished in other fields in life then he could also get his kicks that way, in which case his serpent might just stay in his pants for you. But if his dick is all he’s got, you can hardly blame him for utilising it?

Historically we know that well endowed men are from parts of the African continent. We know they are not a faithful lot. South America also hosts some well-hung humdingers and again we know (from trash TV) that they are not a faithful lot either.

To confirm these findings I gathered a group of friends whose experiences are extensive and we all confirmed that our personal cheating lovers were linked to penis size.

On a deeper level (and you know we don’t often go deep) men like thrills. The high of pleasuring a lover combined with the danger of cheating keeps that dick searching for new territory. Before you dump the lovely snake in the pants with the belief that you are not enough for him. Stop. Understand. It’s nothing to do with you. He needs constant affirmation that he’s good at something, because the only little thing about him: that little boy inside, believes he has no other worth.

Like so many beautiful things in life poison lives nearby- a rose with thorns. Give up the rose and you avoid the prick. Keep the rose and there is a chance you’ll get pricked.

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